Hiking Tours on Kauai with Kauai Nature Tours

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Kauai Nature Tours is a hiking adventure company of a different color. Not only does Kauai Natue Tours take you to beautiful locations of the island for an invigorating hike, but they provide information about what you are seeing and experiencing from a scientific perspective. Your guides are actually all scientists in the real world and cover a range of disciplines including geography, environmental science, biology, geography, botany and more. These tours are educational and informative as well as just plain fun. Expect only small groups traveling with you and be ready to ask as many questions as you'd like but please book these tours well in advance as they do not always occur on a regular schedule and they need to be planned out well in advance with the schedules of your busy guides. The tours can vary from extremely easy to very difficult so it is important to pick the tour that is just right for you. The shortest tour is just two-and-a-half miles long and the longest is the spectacular eight mile round-trip hike along the Na Pali Coast which has a duration of ten hours. Although a delicious picnic lunch is generally provided on most tours you would be well advised to equip yourself well with adequate hiking clothing and an excellent pair of hiking boots.

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