Hiking Tours on Hawaii with Hawaiian Walkways

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"HAWAIIAN WALKWAYS offers guided hiking adventures into spectacular but seldom-seen corners of Hawaii Island's 4038 square miles, from volcanic summits through upland meadows, to rainforests, valleys and coastlines. They take care to match your interests and abilities with the varied itineraries. Offering the convenience of our experience with arrangements,
equipment and routes, they provide a satisfying sense of connection with nature and with Hawaii's lore. They do regular trips with a variety of hiking routes into a number of different parts of the Island. Trips are often arranged to meet the specific preferences of hikers, too, customized for those who want something other than the scheduled trips. Their tours take you close-up to the beauty and power of Hawaii's most striking places, with great respect for the environment and the cultures of the past and present. They provide reliable support for your adventure with engaging interpretation of natural features and the historical significance of Hawaii as few are privileged to experience it. Hawaiian Walkways is the means for travelers to experience the magic of Hawaii nei (Hawaii nei: an affectionate way of talking about Hawaii--""this special place"") in a low-impact, enjoyable and appreciative way. They will take you to places that are so beautiful and grand they take your breath away; to give an understanding of the Island and its people that will help you feel enriched; to share an appreciation of the interplay (children 4 and up on private tours only) of sea (kai), land ('aina) and life (ola) unique to Hawaii. "

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