Helicopter Tours on Oahu with Paradise Helicopters

Most aircraft on Oahu depart from Honolulu and surrounding areas but Paradise Helicopter leaves from the North Shore in an area called Turtle Bay. If you're staying anywhere near that area this may be the company you want to fly with. Also, since at the top of many people's list of sites to see on Oahu is the North Shore and since Paradise Helicopters offers a twenty minute flight of this area, it might make sense for you to drive out to catch the flight at Turtle Bay and just do the twenty-minute flight from there rather than flying the whole island and spending the cost of a full hours flight. Secondly Paradise Helicopter is different in that they offer a doors-off flight. If you think this might be a thrill, "you got that right"! Understand that you are fully strapped in and are every bit as secure as you would be in an enclosed aircraft, it just doesn't seem that way! Once you get used to it however it is amazing to not only see the island below by looking straight down but you sort of feel the island as well with air rushing past and the scent of salt water or forest in the air.

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Paradise Helicopters is one of the premier helicopter touring companies that services both the Big Island and Oahu. One of the biggest differences between this company and many others is the fact that they will offer you the opportunity to take a flight with the doors off.

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