Helicopter Tours on Oahu with Makani Kai Helicopters

Makani Kai Helicopters is a company that knows what it does best and has the tenacity to simply keep doing what it does better and better. Makani Kai has always concentrated on servicing the island of Oahu and has never strayed to provide service on other islands. If anything they have simply expanded their fleet here and made their fleet better and better as the years have gone by. No better stat could ever be reported than the fact that Makani Kai, after being one of the first of the helicopter companies to fly its tours over Oahu, still has a perfect safety record. This is in large part a testimony to the founder and owner of the company, Richard Schuman, who has built this company up into its dominant position in the industry today. And wonder of wonders, guess where he grew up? That's right, Oahu! He's the kind of guy who does it right the first time and just improves on it from there.

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