Helicopter Tours on Kauai with Jack Harter Helicopters

If we go back to the beginning, we have to start with Jack Harter Helicopters. Jack Harter Helicopters was the very first touring helicopter company in the state of Hawaii, and surprise of surprises, Jack Harter Helicopter is still here on Kauai operating its helicopters with all the efficiency and class of days gone by. Jack no longer oversees the operation but has passed the torch down to others to run it for him and a number of the innovations they have made in the helicopter touring business have been outstanding. One of the great evolutions of their craft has been in providing their clients with the option of going on a "doors-off" helicopter to view the island. This may not be for everyone (he has plenty of flights with the doors on too) but for those who want the total and unadulterated views of the island below, this is the way to go. It is one thing to see the island out of the window of your helicopter but quite another to witness the spectacle that is Kauai from the vantage point of a bird with nothing between you and Kauai below except the clean refreshing trade wind air of the Kauai outdoors.

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