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Tom Barefoot's Tours has compiled the most comprehensive Hawaii Beach Guide on the web. Our comprehensive beach guide contains information, pictures and directions to all of Hawaii's best beaches. You can either use our guide from home to help plan out your trip, or bring your smart phone with you to pull up directions and information about the beaches as you're out and about.

Hawaii Beach Guide (Sorted by Island)

The Big Island often gets a pretty bad rap when it comes to beaches. Yes, it is true that it is the newest of the Hawaiian islands and as a result it has not had enough geological time pass by to jump-start the laws of physics and allow nature to work its magic on creating the type of amazing beaches that can often be found on other islands of the Hawaiian chain.

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A listing of all Kauai Beaches can be found on these pages. Check for the beach that will be perfect for you!First things first. Kauai beaches are dangerous! Yes, of course beaches in Kauai are among the very most beautiful beaches on the planet, but they are dangerous.

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The Tom Barefoot's Tours Maui Beach Guide has pictures, tips and maps of Maui's best beaches.The variety of the beaches that you can find on Maui is incredible.

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The shoreline of Maui is truly one of the island's greatest treasures. Whether you're looking to go for a snorkel, catch some waves, or simply spend some time relaxing on the beach the Tom Barefoot's Online Hawaii Guidebook will provide you with the information you need to decide where the best place is to find exactly the experience you're looking for.

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A listing of all Oahu Beaches can be found on these pages. Check for the Oahu Beach that will be perfect for you!It's a good thing you're going to the beach on Oahu! Not only does Oahu have some of the most beautiful beaches in the state, have some of the best snorkeling to be seen in the state, have some of the best surfing, kayaking and stand-up paddling locations in the state and some of the largest waves for you to watch in the state, but Oahu beaches have more lifeguard locations and more lifeguards all toll than any other island in the State of Hawaii.

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