Haiku Surf Guide

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The Haiku Coastline is located directly in the middle of Maui's north shore. During the summer the waves are usually very small, but once the wintertime comes things change completely. The winter surf that hits Haiku is some of the largest you will find anywhere on the planet. If you would like to witness some large surf while you're on Maui then you might want to check out the famous big wave breaks of Maui's north shore.

Haiku Surf Map

Haiku Surf Spots

Hookipa is Maui's premiere North Shore surfing location. The wintertime waves are normally very large and the surfers that you'll see here are some of the best on the island.

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If you're lucky enough to be on Maui when the waves are large enough, you could go see the famous big wave surfing spot "Jaws". The waves that break here can be larger then fifty feet tall.

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