Fishing Charters on Oahu with Aikane Sportfishing

The Aikane Sportfishing Charters has the word "sport fishing "in its name, but in all actuality offers both sport fishing and bottom fishing to its clients. The difference is that Sportfishing involves trolling. A series of lines are cast off the rear of the boat and pulled in the ocean with lures attached at their end. This is the manner of fishing that brings in the big fish like Marlin and Tuna and also provides a lot of action on the boat when you have a fish on the line. Bottom fishing however is different in the sense that the boat is essentially stopped and lines are dropped down to the bottom where fish will bite and be reeled back up. These fish are mostly much smaller than the ones caught by trolling but the frequency of catch is much greater. The Aikane will perform either method of fishing but they only do so on a private basis meaning that the whole boat is reserved for your party only with a maximum of six passengers.

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Aikane Sportfishing is a great option if you're looking for a sport fishing or bottom fishing charter off the coast of Oahu. Their fleet of Bertram vessels are designed for both comfort and fishing efficiency featuring top of the line fishing equipment.

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