Fishing Charters on Maui with Wailea Boating Company Sport Fishing Charters

The Wailea Boating Company is a different type of boat company. The boat they offer is called the "Xian" and is a 36' Power Boat with 450 Horsepower engines. This boat is for private charters and can be used for any one of a number of purposes. It can be hired as a fishing boat, but also can be used as a private charter of any kind. The boat can hold as many as six passengers and can be used for anything that might work for you. An example might be to spread ashes in the ocean; to take a sightseeing tour of the coastline; to hire for special water-view photography of an event; or to do a private snorkel cruise. Call us for the use you want and we'll figure out a price.

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If you're like many people you won't want to share your fantastic Maui ocean experience with others but would prefer to make it a day for just your own family or perhaps just for you and a couple other friends.

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