Fishing Charters on Maui with Strike Zone Sport Fishing Charters

Now here's a boat that does both sport fishing and bottom fishing. Both types of charters are offered during the week, and they do well on each of them. These types of fishing are very different from one another. The sport fishing is designed to go out and catch the "big fish" like the Marlin and the Mahi Mahi, and this is done by trolling a series of lines. Bottom fishing, on the other hand, requires the boat to be still in the water and drop lines overboard to fish the ocean's bottom. Bottom fishing almost guarantees catching fish, but sport fishing is usually more exciting when you get something on the line. The Strike Zone is a 43' Delta that offers both sport and bottom fishing each a few times a week in both the morning and the afternoon.

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The 43' Delta 'Strike Zone' which operates out of Maalaea Harbor on Maui will take you out for sport fishing or for bottom fishing. Charters for either types of fishing can be arranged and even for a charter offering both on the same trip.

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