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If you're looking to sport fish in style off the coast of Kauai you should check out the "Happy Times" with Explore Kauai Sport Fishing which is a beautiful forty-one foot Concorde Sportfisher. Six passengers on this boat could also include your spouse or friends that are not necessarily too "into" fishing because they will be very comfortable on this solidly built boat complete with a spacious galley and a stateroom complete with bunks. Because it leaves from Port Allen it also has the advantage of being near to the best fishing grounds from the start and because it is on the island's west side the weather conditions are more likely to be sunny and clear and the water conditions are more likely to be flat for an ideal day of fishing. These factors give the Happy Times a lower cancellation ratio than many other charters because they are less likely to have to cancel due to unwanted sea conditions. As far as fishing equipment goes, this boat has the highest quality reel and rod equipment.

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