Fishing Charters on Kauai with Deep Sea Fishing Kauai

Deep Sea Fishing Kauai is a boat that departs from Port Allen on Kauai's western coastline. Port Allen is one of the most efficient ports to leave from in Hawaii due to the fact that the drop-off to the deep water is so rapid in such a short distance from shore. This enables Deep Sea Fishing Kauai to begin fishing for the big fish in earnest within minutes of actually leaving the harbor. The boat in not limited to just this area of fishing however since its thirty-one foot Bertram (many people consider this boat to be the finest sport fishing boat ever made) is capable of going long distances to find fish. Many of the charters will find themselves way up at the Napali Coastline or even over the eighteen mile channel to the island of Niihau. The boat's captain and crew are totally familiar with these waters having fished them the majority of they're lives. The pricing structure on this boat is also interesting in that you can take the boat as a private or on a share basis like most other boats but you can also pay a special per person price that will confirm you on the charter even if additional fisherman do not sign up giving you the advantage of actually having essentially a private charter for less cost.

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