FAQ - Difference between a regular and a canopy zipline?

What is the difference between a regular zip line and a canopy zip line?


The normal zipline course and the canopy zipline courses are quite different. Typically your normal zipline will traverse a large canyon or gulch and can often be hundreds of feet in the air. The canopy ziplines are located in the treetops and you zip from one tree platform to another. The highest you will be in the air on these courses is usually about 80' or so and the runs themselves are usually quite shorter. As for excitement though, they are both equal and both are tons of fun. The canopy zipline tours also usually include rope bridges and rope obstacles and even rope courses which are used to build confidence and team building.

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Zip lining in Hawaii is such a new activity category that the industry itself can't yet quite even decide how to write its name! You will see it labeled zip lining in Hawaii, ziplining in Hawaii, zip-lining in Hawaii or just simply as Hawaii zip tours.

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