Epic Half Mile Zip Line Through The Mountains

I had heard alot of good things about Flyin Hawaiian and how it had the 2nd longest zip line in the world at 3300 feet so I was very excited to get to experience it. We arrived at the Maui Plantation Center and checked in with our guides for the Day. Got geared up and were taken to the top of the Wailuku mountains by their 4x4 van.
We arrived at the top and were briefed on safety before going out on the first test bunny slope zip line. From there we were taken by ATV up the dirt road to the first real zip line. I was quite shocked when I first saw it. The line spanned from one ridge to the other and was about 1000 feet long, much much longer then the first test line and looked awesome.

This line was very fast and gave a astounding view of the southwest side of the the island. Its hard to fully enjoy the view while you are having so much fun zipping across the mountain tops though ;)

After you have had your turn you wait shortly for everyone to finish and take a quick walk up the the next line. There are 7 in total and each vary in their length and speed. The instructors are all fun and professional and make the whole experience very safe.

On one line you get to go backwards off the ramp which is very exhilarating not knowing where the end of the line is and watching where you came from disappear quickly in the distance.

Flyin Hawaiian is not only extreme zip lining but also extreme environment rehabilitation. The large amount of land the lines are on were being threatened to be sold off the developers for housing and the owner stepped in and created this to be sustainable land and protect it for generations to come. Minimal roads are put in and all the decks and lines were carried in by hand and the zip lines themselves were flown across the valleys by helicopter to minimize their environmental footprint.

They have also planted thousands of native plants along the course that were once endangered and have been brought off that list because of their efforts. We got to stop and water some of the hibiscus flowers along the way with our supplied water bottles to help out.

The time had come for the final and longest zip line of the day. This line is absolutly crazy long. As you step up onto the deck you can just barely see the end 3300 feet down the ridge. The instructors told us we would reach 70mph on this line and it is the longest line in Hawaii and 2nd longest in the world!

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