Entertainment on Oahu with Magic of Polynesia

Are you looking for some great entertainment and evenings shows on Oahu. You really don't have to go much further than the Waikiki dinner show Magic of Polynesia. Amazing as it may be, the show Magic of Polynesia, is every bit as professional and entertaining as any show you might find in the major metropolitan cities of the mainland, and it has a Hawaii flare. The show's star and originator is a gentleman named John Hirokawa. John is a "local" boy who grew up in the area of Oahu known as Wahiawa. At an early age he became enthralled with the notion of magic and learned many illusions and continuously performed for his family and friends. As he grew he continued his passion for magic on the mainland and finally came to study with the master magician of our time, David Copperfield. He perfected his craft well enough to bring it home and began his own show, Magic of Polynesia, here in Oahu. You will be amazed at his performance.

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Seeing the 'Magic of Polynesia' illusionist show in Waikiki will make you believe that Houdini has returned from the dead and reincarnated himself in Waikiki just for this performance.

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