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Enriching Travel Experiences

Hawaii's Largest Selection of Activities

Hawaii always has had a great reputation as a vacation destination for “getting away” and “recharging”. However, clearly many travelers expect more than superb beaches, sun, luxury retreats, and such from their vacations in Hawaii. Travel market researchers are using the term “transformative travel” to describe what more than a few travelers are seeking in various exotic and other destinations around the world, including Hawaii. We prefer the term “enriching” to describe these much sought after travel experiences. No matter what term is used to describe these kinds of experiences that travelers seek, they all require considerable research and planning. Our travel agent/advisor affiliates know all about the unique ways that Hawaii can satisfy their client’s needs for “enriching” vacations. Activities in Hawaii can offer many travelers “enriching” experiences beyond anything that they can imagine. Tom Barefoot’s Tours can help you and each of your clients to find and experience them.

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