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Your BarefootHawaii website empowers your customer's to personalize on-line activity and tourbookings.

Research on global travel industry competition also says that online travel companies all are leveragingadvances in technology to enable travelers to personalize their vacation booking options and decisions.But as certainly you know, none of this enormous and increasing technology investment by online travel companies (OTCs) aims to generate any revenue for your business or any small or mid-size business inthe travel industry, including vacation rental property managers.

In spite of this competition, Barefoot Tours is seeing the revenue trajectory from activities and tours inHawaii like never before. And we want to ensure that property managers in Hawaii and travel agencies serving the Hawaii market fully benefit from the tremendous potential for online bookings of activitiesand tours in Hawaii.

To make this happen, we recently redesigned our website, and the way its advanced technology works,specifically to ensure that, as an integral part of your own website, it enables your guests and clients to easily personalize the selection and booking of activities and tours on any island, in any one of hundreds of locations, and also in the vicinity of one of the accommodations you manage or book.

In other words, we've created a potential component of your website, that is very simple to install (withour assistance if necessary), designed to make your clients and guests happy, guaranteed to save them money, and also guaranteed to earn bigger commissions for your business than is possible from anyother travel industry partner.

If you have any questions about how you might earn greater commissions than you are currentlybringing in, get it touch with us. We'd be happy to assist!

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