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Dolphin Excursions on Oahu with Sea Life Park

There are two types of dolphin watching tours available on the island of Oahu. One involves wild dolphin watching out on the open seas, and the other involves seeing and swimming with dolphins in captivity in a place such as Sea Life Park. The big difference between the two is that at Sea Life Park, you are guaranteed to see the dolphins 100% of the time. The other difference is that you actually get to touch them, and also have them touch you. Sea Life Park offers three different types of dolphin encounters; each progressively involving more and more contact with them. Each encounter is progressively more expensive, but also provides a much deeper experience. All of them are worth it, but be certain to make your reservations early because these are often booked days and even weeks in advance.

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Sea Life Park is essentially a 'marine playground' you can visit, they are located on the eastern shores of Oahu at the base of the cliffs of Waimanalo.

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