Dolphin Excursions on Oahu with Dolphin Excursions

Dolphin Excursions is one of the few companies in the state of Hawaii that can almost guarantee that you'll see dolphins on their tour. The times they don't see dolphins is much lower than 10% of the time which is remarkable by Hawaii standards. But it doesn't end there. Of the times they see dolphins, fully 80% to the time they can actually swim with these dolphins in the wild. The reason for these amazingly phenomenal success rates is really due to two things. First, where they go to find the dolphins on the Waianae Coastline is one of the few places the dolphins regularly frequent. Second, the Dolphin Excursions owner and original captain of these charters, Victor, knows how to approach the dolphins and has taught his crew how to get the best results. You'll be amazed by this tour. If you like many people, have a fascination with dolphins this is your chance to engage it.

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Dolphin Excursions operates off the Waianae Coast of Oahu and its daily morning and afternoon snorkel tours specialize in swimming with dolphins. Going out with small groups on this fast and maneuverable 'SCARIB' boat makes it all the more personalized.

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