Dolphin Excursions on Maui with Trilogy Excursions

Certainly the oldest of the boating companies that go out to visit the whales is Trilogy Excursions. They have been operational since about 1973 when they started their first tours on their now famous sailing catamarans from Maui to the island of Lanai. Today they still run these tours which offer snorkeling at the underwater marine reserve of Hulopo'e Bay, and also tour the island up to its top on sightseeing vans. On the way over to the island, you will motor as there is not much wind in the mornings but usually on the way home you will set sail. In addition to the large variety of sea life you will see on this trip, you will most likely be treated to enjoying the dolphins that are found in abundance in these pristine waters.

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One of the most popular and respected boating companies on Maui is Trilogy which has been in operation here since 1973. Though being a large company now, operating seven 50' range sailing catamarans, they are still the family owned operation that was begun by Eldon Coon and his two sons, Jim and Randy.

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