Dolphin Excursions on Maui with Paragon Sailing Charters

Now this is truly a fun way to see the dolphins! The Paragon sailboats are some of the fastest sailboats you will find on the island. When you get into the wind on one of these guys you really will fly. If you haven't gotten the picture yet about the dolphins, they love speed too and love to travel at "full tilt". They often can be found in pods of dozens and they all love to race the fast boats. Sailing fast and dolphin watching won't be your only activity on these boats as they will snorkel as well at Lanai's famous Hulopo'e Bay which is an underwater marine reserve. In all probability however the sighting of the dolphins will be your most memorable experience of the day.

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Certainly one of the very fastest boats found in the islands is the 47' customized sailing catamaran, Paragon. Paragon Sailing Charters offers a number of choices for boat tours ranging from morning sails to Molokini; Day Trips to Lanai; Sunset Sails; and Performance Sails.

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