Dolphin Excursions on Maui with Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai

One of the few boats that actually goes out on what could be referred to as a true "dolphin watch" is the Pacific Whale Foundation. The sole purpose of these tours is to search out and find the dolphins. From the top deck on these large double-deck ocean catamarans you will often be able to see hundreds of dolphins surrounding the entire boat. These large boats act as a "lightning rod" for the dolphins and the clients choosing these boats often get more than they pay for. The boats are large, fast and roomy and are great for those of you who are not totally comfortable to ride on the smaller ocean rafts. You will have a "marine specialist" who will explain much of what there is to know about these playful creatures and you can feel free to ask questions of the captain and crew on board.

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The Pacific Whale Foundation is one of the main companies we have on island that goes out in search of the whales during the winter months. In addition, throughout the year they also offer boat tours to snorkel at Molokini, dolphin watches that look for dolphins and snorkel off the coast of Lanai and have rigid hull inflatable tours that visit the back side of Lanai.

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