Dolphin Excursions on Maui with Ocean Riders

The company "Ocean Riders" dates well back to the 1980's. They take people on fabulous rafting tours to Lanai for the purpose of snorkeling, whale watching and seeing the dolphins. These trips are different than most others however in that they completely circumnavigate the whole island. This is really a treat because much of the areas you will be visiting on the shorelines are pristine and remote. Quite often you will travel for miles and not see another boat. Dolphins are located all along the perimeter of the island and you will hopefully be seeing them as well as beautiful coral reefs, turtles and other sea life. This is an adventure!

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Ocean Riders offers the most innovative and exciting trip to Lanai, a 70 mile circumnavigation of the Island in a heavy duty 18 passenger, 28 foot rigid hull inflatable powered by twin 250hp Mercury Outboards.

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