Dolphin Excursions on Maui with Maui Adventure Cruises

Maui Adventure Cruises has some of the largest Rigid Hulled Inflatable boats in Hawaii with one holding as many as 36 passengers. These boats as well as being large (large enough to have bathrooms on board) are very fast. They can speed from Maui to Lanai in the blink of an eye and once there you can have a choice of doing a landing on island or not. If you did choose a landing you would be able to visit famous Hulopo'e Bay which is an protected marine reserve. It would also give you the ability to get a bit more of a sense of the island. Whether you choose to stop on the island or not you will have an opportunity to explore the fantastic coral reefs and dramatic fish life along its shoreline. These areas you will be motoring through are areas that are frequented by dolphins and you will often see them racing each other or even better racing your boat.

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On Maui, 'rafting' equates with adventure, and Maui Adventure Cruises has just about all the adventure you could want. Speeding rigid hull inflatables varying in length from 34' to 49' whisk their way from Maui over the channel to Lanai.

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