Dolphin Excursions on Kauai with NaPali Makai

Now here's a horse of a different color! Most of the boats you might go out on a charter with to see dolphins will be larger boats with many people on them. Not so with the Napali Makai Charters. These folks take you out on what is essentially a semi-private charter on their twenty-four for Glacier Bay twin-engine power catamaran. This boat provides the ultimate in personalization as you are one of only six persons on board. Your captain is experienced in these waters having taken charters here for over twenty-five years. Because of the boats size and agility it is able to get closer to the shoreline that many of its larger counterparts and it is often able to actually go into the caves and inlets along the Napali Coast and even under waterfalls. As far as seeing dolphins goes you will be able to see them from the vantage point of a smaller boat lying closer to the water so you might actually even be closer to them then on the large vessels.

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The comfortable 24'power catamaran operated by Na Pali Makai Charters offers one of the most personalized tours available of the Napali Coastline. Carrying a maximum of only 6 passengers you will have the luxury of asking all the questions you'd like and receiving all the personal attention.

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