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Dolphin Excursions on Kauai with Kauai Sea Tours

Kauai Sea Tours offers a number of different tours traversing the waters off the coast of Kauai and dolphins can and are seen on all of them. One of the most fun ways to see the dolphins and to play with them on the surface of the water is through the use of one of the "rigid hulled inflatable" boats more commonly referred to as rubber rafts similar to the ones you might have seen Jacques Cousteau use in adventure footage on television specials over the years. These boats are extremely fast and maneuverable and are a magnet of sorts for the dolphins who seem always ready to play. There speed attracts the dolphins and encourages them to come up and race the boats at their forward bow. This may be the very most fun way to view these interesting sea mammals as you are so close to them that you feel like you might actually be able to reach out and touch them. The Spinner Dolphins are probably the most fun as the dart in and out through the wake of the boat as well and jump and spin high in the air in sheer delight.

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Kauai Sea Tours is a large charter boat company that offers tours off the coast of Kauai and particularly the NaPali Coast with its beautiful 'signature' boat , Lucky Lady.

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