Dolphin Excursions on Kauai with Catamaran Kahanu

The dolphins are permanent residents of the island of Kauai and they have been in these waters as long as anyone can remember. One of the great companies to go out with to see them is the Catamaran Kahanu because the captain and crew are of Hawaiian descent and have lived and worked on the ocean off Kauai their entire lives. They know the habits and routines of the dolphins as well as anyone as the Hawaiians are well acquainted with these playful mammals. The ancient Hawaiians referred to the dolphins as "nai'a" and there are many references to the dolphin in Hawaiian stories and chants. The dolphins generally feed in the deeper water off the coast in the night time and leisurely swim, jump, play and rest during the morning and early afternoon hours. The Catamaran Kahanu would be an excellent choice for dolphin viewing along the Kauai coastline.

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Catamaran Kahanu is a boat tour company that offers tours of the spectacular NaPali Coastline on Kauai's North Shore and also offers dinner cruises and whale watches.

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