Dolphin Excursions on Kauai with Capt. Andy's

Dolphin viewing off the coast of Kauai is a favorite island pastime. One of the favorite dolphin watching companies on the island is Captain Andy's. Dolphins can be seen on all of Captain Andy's tours whether they be a dinner cruise, a snorkel tour or a sunset sail. Dolphins can be seen at all times of the year on Kauai as opposed to whales which can only be seen in the winter. These playful and fun loving animals seem to enjoy the boats that view them as much as the people on the boats enjoy seeing the dolphins. The most playful variety of dolphin found in these waters is the Spinner Dolphin so called because of the multiple spins it makes when it launches itself out of the water. Captain Andy's boats provide an excellent vehicle from which to view these interesting sea creatures because of the large expanse of deck area and large perimeter with lots of room along the rails. The dolphins enjoy racing against Captain Andy's boats and can most easily be seen in the water up at the bow.

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Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures for years has offered tours to see the spectacular NaPali Coastline of Kauai. Sailing large and luxurious Gold Coast Yacht Sailing Catamarans, Captain Andy's will take you snorkeling and dolphin watching as well as provide romantic dinner and sunset cruises.

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