Dolphin Excursions on Kauai with Blue Dolphin Charters

You might have already guessed the reason Kauai's Blue Dolphin Charters has the word "dolphin" in its name. The waters off Kauai's coastline are the perfect place to view these magnificent creatures and Blue Dolphin Charters offers wonderful vessels to view them from. Although there are a number of different species of dolphin that are found off the coast of Kauai the two most common dolphins are the spinner dolphins and their larger cousins, the bottlenose dolphins. Blue Dolphin Charters will give you an opportunity to see both these varieties of dolphin on a wide assortment of their cruises. The bottlenose dolphins will impress you with their size and grace but the spinner dolphins are probably the most fun. These dolphins are almost never seen alone but usually travel in large pods that can be as small as four or five but can also register in the dozens, and I have even seen them in pods of over one-hundred. These lively marine animals provide an appropriate namesake for Blue Dolphin Charters and some of the most spectacular dolphin shows I have witnessed off the coast of Kauai have been on one of their vessels.

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Blue Dolphin Charters offers spectacular motor sailing cruises to the NaPali Coast of Kauai and to the 'forbidden island' of Niihau. In addition Blue Dolphin also offers whale watches, snorkeling, snuba, dinner cruises, sunset sails and rafting excursions.

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