Dolphin Excursions on Hawaii with Sunlight On Water

Michael and Melaniah Yee are the owners and operators of Sunlight On Water, a company offering a unique and incredible dolphin adventure. They provide their guests with an opportunity to go swimming with dolphins in their natural environment and to learn all about these amazing creatures. Onboard Sunlight On Water, you'll experience how Michael and Melianiah share their love of the ocean and respect for the dolphins and all marine life on each trip. You'll listen to their stories and then wait for your turn to gently slip into the water with these incredible mammals. Now you'll have your own opportunity to create a memorable moment of your trip to the islands of Hawaii.

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Sunlight on Water is the name of an amazing boat that takes you out for a 'dolphin swim' off the coast of Kona on the Big Island. This very stable and smooth riding 40' vessel with quiet engines, comfortable seating, restroom and warm shower accommodates as many as 25 passengers.

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