Dolphin Excursions on Hawaii with Body Glove

Several different varieties of dolphin can be spotted off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii and Body Glove offers some great opportunities to catch these spinning and jumping dolphin. You may see the Rough-Toothed Dolphin or the Spotted Dolphin but the ones most visitors get to see are the Bottle Nose and Spinner Dolphin. The Bottlenose are the largest, some weighing seven hundred and fifty pounds and ten feet long. The smaller Spinner Dolphins are about one hundred and fifty pounds and only five feet long. They are often found feeding in a deep-water channel located close to shore at night. Take a trip to see these beautiful creatures frolicking in the sea.

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Kailua Kona's Body Glove Charters offers snorkel and dolphin watching tours on a daily morning charter, dinner cruises in the evenings, a historical luncheon cruise, SNUBA diving and a whale watch during the winter season.

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