Do you offer an Island Hopper to visit the Volcanoes ?

What's the story about taking a short island hop to visit the Big Island Volcanoes from Oahu? Can it be done in one day?


A great way to see the volcanoes on the Big Island without having to actually relocate to the Big Island from Oahu is by taking a Big Island tour from Oahu. These tours will pick you up directly from your Waikiki Hotel and deliver you to the airport where you will be transported to see the wonders of the Big Island volcanoes. The total time for the tour which will deliver you back to your Waikiki hotel is about eight-hours or so. The great advantage to these tours is that you will not have to spend additional money on added transportation and additional accommodations. It is a shame not to see the live volcanoes if you are visiting Hawaii and these tours make it so easy for your to do so.

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For over 20 years the fountains of fire have continued with tremendous intensity and today Mt. Kileaua is the volcano with the longest-lived rift activity in known Hawaiian volcano history.

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