Do you know these five facts about Hawaii Luaus?

  • In ancient times, luau food was always eaten with bare hands.

  • Men and women never sat at the same table at a luau feast.

  • Though luaus today are considered to be large feasts, none would compare with the luau King Kamehameha the third had in 1847 which is said to have served 300 pigs.

  • The oldest and most famous commercial luau on Kauai is the Smith Family Luau which began operation over 50 years ago.

  • In Hawaii, one of the most important traditions a couple will celebrate is to have a giant luau feast on their child's first birthday celebrating his survival through his first year of life. There are oftentimes more people in attendance than at the couple's wedding!

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The Hawaiian Luau, of all the various activities available in Hawaii, is certainly the most Hawaiian activity of all! The luau in Hawaii can truly only be found in Hawaii and this is the reason the Hawaii luau party has established itself in the hearts of the visitors who come to Hawaii as the quintessential Hawaiian event.

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