Do we see less on air tours than helicopters?

Do we see less on air tours than helicopters? The following question was answered by Shyela.


Air tours over Hawaii via small fixed wing aircraft appear to be less expensive than helicopter rides. Will we see as much on those tours?


Typically you will be seeing a lot of the same sights and also be in the air for around the same amount of time. The fixed wing has the advantage of having each passenger at a window seat, where in helicopters the view can depend on where you're sitting (distributed by weight). The fixed wing air tour views are spectacular, and are designed for viewing and photography. Some even have a hinged window to allow an unobstructed view (no glass in between) of the sights you'd like to photograph. Both helicopter AND fixed wing pilots will zig-zag back and forth for passengers on both sides to get a great view. You can book a "doors off" helicopter tour with completely unrestricted views which is also very exciting. Sometimes helicopters can get a little closer to areas than fixed wings do since they have the ability to hover--which is an advantage on some tours but not all. In conclusion, if you are looking for a great tour with amazing views, a fixed wing tour is sure to meet your expectations and is also a little easier on your pocketbook.

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