Diving and Scuba on Maui with Island Scuba

Island Scuba is a dive company that operates out of the Marriott Wailea. Island Scuba offers programs for all skill levels of divers from complete first time novices to long time certified divers. Island Scuba concentrates heavily on certification programs, introductory beach dives and night dives. Island Scuba is set up well for this because they have pool facilities to utilize for beginner divers. Much of the initial instruction done by Island Scuba is performed at the hotel pool and many of the ocean dives are done right in the Wailea Beach area. The instructors of Island Scuba prefer to keep their dive groups limited to six divers per guide to maximize the amount of attention that they can offer each student. In addition to the shore and pool dives boat dives are also available. If SCUBA diving is something that you have considered doing there really is not a better place that you could try it then the sunny shores of Maui. The water here is warm and clear so you will enjoy maximal comfort and enjoyment of your diving experience. Many of the people that go diving with Island Scuba start out with an introductory dive and after experiencing SCUBA first hand they get hooked on it and then sign up to become certified. Once a diver has achieved their SCUBA certification it lasts for life, your card will never expire, and you will never have to pay any additional certification fees. SCUBA diving is very simple, during instruction the instructor will go over all the equipment. You will learn how to assemble your regulator, tank, and BCD. You will also lean how to maintain neutral buoyancy as well as how to clear water from your mask underwater.

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Island Scuba is a dive company you might gravitate toward if you are interested in diving from the beach as all their dives are beach dives. They offer a wide variety of beach dives including intro and certified dives, and certification courses.

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