Dinner Shows on Oahu with Magic of Polynesia

The Magic of Polynesia is perhaps Waikiki's most famous show, and with good reason. Illusionist John Hirokawa, the originator of the Magic of Polynesia, is a great showman and an amazing magician. John is a local boy who grew up on Oahu and became fascinated with magic at a young age. His dedication to the discipline eventually led him to be an understudy of David Copperfield (the world famous magician) and John's illusions put him at an even par with "the master". The very moment he makes a full blown helicopter appear on stage in front of your eyes you'll be hooked for the rest of the show - and I might add, not be able to figure out a thing that he does. This is an amazing performance and has to be seen to be believed. In addition to the fantastic show you'll be treated to a great pre-performance dinner and cocktails that will whet your appetite for the extraordinary entertainment to follow.

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Seeing the 'Magic of Polynesia' illusionist show in Waikiki will make you believe that Houdini has returned from the dead and reincarnated himself in Waikiki just for this performance.

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