Dinner Cruises and Sails on Oahu with Royal Hawaiian Catamaran

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The Royal Hawaiian Catamaran is a wonderful dinner cruise boat that was especially designed to navigate Hawaiian waters by renowned boat builder, Rudy Choy. Built for custom cruising on long ocean voyages, she rides high over the ocean swells providing a calm and comfortable voyage. Although she is known for her dinner/sunset cruises, the Royal Hawaiian Catamaran is also appreciated for her snorkeling, sailing, whale watching, and even star-gazing tours. Each excursion adds to her repertoire, and this is a magnificent boat to choose for your special private charter event. The boat's features and amenities are outstanding, and the captain and crew will give you the "royal" treatment on this truly "royal" vessel. These dinner and sunset sails are designed for moderately small groups of guests of only thirty passenger or less so you will have that sense of personalization.

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