Dinner Cruises and Sails on Oahu with Navatek I

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Well this is as high-tech as it gets for a dinner cruise. The technology on this boat makes it look like it came out of a science fiction novel, but it's the "real deal". The boat's technology is referred to as SWATH, which stands for "Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull". The closest thing it resembles is a hydroplane and its hulls are especially designed to counterbalance any ocean waves through a gyroscope system that allows the vessel to always remain completely stable in the water. The whole purpose of the boat is to provide you with the most comfortable ride possible and you will notice that although there may be waves in the sea, the boat will not as much as sway. The dinner and cocktails will be amazing in their giant enclosed stateroom providing you with all the views you want but without the exterior weather conditions.

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