Dinner Cruises and Sails on Maui with Hula Girl

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How about cruising on luxury sailboat on your Maui dinner cruise? One of our most magnificent sailboats is a catamaran that is 35'x 65' called the "Hula Girl". This boat is very different than other vessels in that all the food that is prepared for the guest is made right in the galley by a chef on board while you are enjoying the sunset. If you could picture a "floating restaurant" you might be closer to understanding the real functionality of this boat. When you first get on board you will be given a menu to choose from. You'll place your order and your dinner time and it will be served to you later in the evening at the time you specified. In the meantime you can have cocktails and "pupus" and just enjoy socializing and taking in the sights. You will pay on board for the items you chose for dinner just like at a restaurant. This boat is truly a masterpiece of engineering and is one of the most beautiful boats we have ever had on Maui.

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