Dinner Cruises and Sails on Kauai with Capt. Andy's

One of the top-rated dinner cruise companies in all of Kauai is Captain Andy's. The sailing vessels used on these cruises are sleek, fast and luxurious. As is customary with all the cruises offered by Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures all details are thought out and presented in the most tasteful manner. "Impeccable detail" might be the most appropriate phrase to describe both the boat and the dinner offered. The boats themselves are half-million dollar vessels trimmed out in teak wood and are both visually pleasing and comfortable. The catamaran hulls are designed in such a way as to prevent any unwanted ocean motion and they are among the most seaworthy to be found on the island of Kauai. These tours are generally four hours in duration and in the summer months will travel from their departure point in Port Allen all the way to the Napali shoreline. In the winter months a more likely destination would be the west and southern shorelines.

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Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures for years has offered tours to see the spectacular NaPali Coastline of Kauai. Sailing large and luxurious Gold Coast Yacht Sailing Catamarans, Captain Andy's will take you snorkeling and dolphin watching as well as provide romantic dinner and sunset cruises.

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