Cruise Ships on Maui (Kahului) with Zipline Flyin Hawaiian

If you're on a cruise ship coming into port at Kahului Harbor you are in luck because the longest zipline in the state of Hawaii is the closest zipline to Kahului. The ziplines from all of the seven Flyin Hawaiian Ziplines that traverse the mountainside on the West Maui Mountains are spectacular, with perhaps the grandest view of any zipline course in the state. What really sets it apart from the others however is the length of its ziplines which in the case of line number seven is a whopping 3,600 ft. You will need to take a taxi from the ship to the zipline course or rent a car.

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Zip-line from one Zip Code to another! (well, almost!........ at least from one town to another).Yes that's right. Flyin Hawaiian Zip-line is so long (it is the longest continuous zip-line in the world when you add together the length of the seven zip-lines on the course) that it extends from the district of Waikapu to the area known as Maalaea.

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