Cruise Ships on Maui (Kahului) with Fishing Aloha Blue Charters

If you've got "fishing" in your blood, you'll want to try some bottom or sport fishing while you're here on the island. Sport fishing is where you go out in search of the big fish like marlin or mahi-mahi and involves continuous trolling while dragging a line behind. Bottom fishing on the other hand is where you stop the boat and drop lines down to the bottom while the boat is motionless. Over all you will catch more fish while bottom fishing but the most exciting catches will be while you sport fish. The Aloha Blue Charters can accommodate either type of fishing for you but the trolling will have to be on the second day of your arrival and the bottom fishing will have to be on your first day. The trip to the harbor will be about a 15-20 minute ride and will necessitate renting a rent-a-car or taking a taxi.

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Aloha Blue Charters is unique in that it provides a 40' jet drive boat for use as a snorkel boat to Molokini and surrounding Maui snorkel locations but also is an ideal vessel for bottom fishing excursions and is also used for whale watching during whale season.

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