Cruise Ships on Maui (Kahului) with Boss Frog's

You've probably heard about the small inlet island of Molokini which lies about four miles off Maui's coast from Maalaea Harbor. Molokini is famous as an unusual geologic formation being shaped like a half moon and providing plenty of protection from the ocean waves within the islands crescent. It is also famous for its exceptional visibility which is often between 100 and 150 ft. The boat Quicksilver is one of the very best we have that goes there, and you'll be able to snorkel in this beautiful area which is well known for being an underwater marine reserve. Quicksilver is a fast boat that has room up on the top so you can catch some rays or you could protect yourself from the sun on the bottom deck. You'll need to take this tour first thing in the morning after spending the night in port.

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The charter boat company Boss Frog's is also known by the name Frogman Charters and it operates Molokini tours, whale watches, sunset sails and dinner cruises from it departure point of Maalaea Harbor.

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