Cruise Ships on Maui (Kahului) with Bike the Volcano Bike It Maui

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The mountain of Haleakala stands over 10,000' high and is the anchor upon which most of Maui is supported. The journey to its top at sunrise has long been one of the spectacular adventures that Maui has to offer. Many people like to combine the spectacle of this Maui sunrise with the excitement of a gravity propelled bicycle ride from the crater summit down to the ocean below. One of the very best companies we have that provides this adventure is Bike It Maui. They have been operating this journey for years and have collected an ever-growing list of appreciative customers over the course of time since their inception. This tour must be done on the second day of your visit on the cruise ship. Bike It Maui will pick you up right at the boat very early in the morning.

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