Combo Packages on Maui with Atlantis Submarine Hawaii

Have you ever explored a shipwreck that is one hundred feet under the sea on a submarine before? On Maui you can with Atlantis Submarines. They offer a tour that goes through the heart of a national humpback whale marine sanctuary to explore the wreck of the "Carthaginian". The "Carthaginian" is a replica of an ancient whaling boat that was sunk on December 13, 2005. Atlantis Submarines is designed for safety and comfort. Each rider has his or her own personal viewing porthole. The sixty-five foot submarine is fully pressurized for comfort (you don't need to pop your ears like you do if you swim to the bottom of a pool). We have special combination packages available that combine the Atlantis Submarines dive with another activities.

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Atlantis Adventures will provide you with an opportunity to dive in absolute comfort in a 'state of the art', window filled submarine to a depth of about 100' for about forty minutes.

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