Can We Swim With the Dolphins near Waikiki?

We will be in Waikiki for four days next month. The only thing we absolutely know we want to do is go swimming with the dolphins in the wild. We won't have a car. Can we do this near our hotel in Waikiki.


Oahu is amazing in that it is one of the few places in the Hawaiian Islands that actually has spots off the coastline that you can find, and usually swim with dolphins. This coastline is not Waikiki however but is instead the northern portion of the western coastline stretching from Ko'Olina to Kaena Point. We have great dolphin watching boats that actually get you into the water to swim with the dolphins at this location. Not having a car in not a problem as most boats will pick you right up at your hotel or condo in Waikiki. Make sure you book early so we can arrange to schedule you during the small window of time you will be available for one of these dolphin excursions.

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Hawaii dolphin watching together with swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii is an industry all to its own. There is probably no sea creature quite as endearing in the eyes of a human being as the dolphin.

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