Can I go whitewater rafting in Hawaii?

I'm from Colorado and I love to go whitewater rafting, I was wondering if I could do any of that when I visit Maui in December? I would prefer to have my own kayak, but if I have to jump onto a raft with some other people that's ok too.


It's not all that often that I have to say that you won't be able to do what you're looking for when you're here, but in this case I have to. On Maui there are no navigable waterways of freshwater that you can kayak on at all. Actually there is no freshwater that you can kayak any distance on at all in the whole Hawaiian chain except for on the island of Kauai. Kauai doesn't have any rapids to speak of, but there are some beautiful flat water rivers that meander through the jungles and can be easily navigated with a kayak. Sorry that we do not have what you need, if there is anything else that we can assist you with when planning your travels please let us know.

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Hawaii kayak tours are a very popular category of activities enjoyed by island visitors. Kayaking in Hawaii provides so much in the way of excitement, outdoor adventure, marine exploration and overall healthy exercise that it attracts people like a magnet.

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