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Sailing is one of Hawaii's oldest past times. Since the thousand plus years since the original Polynesian explorers initially sailed here these islands have hosted almost every type of ocean going sailboat. If you're considering doing some sailing while you're here then we recommend that you browse through some of our blog articles to get a better idea of what the different trips are like.

Sailing Blog Articles and FAQ's

When most people get off the plane on Oahu I don't think they have any idea that you can have the sort of experiences that we had today. Today we took a trip with Hawaii Nautical that took us snorkeling on the Western coastline of the island.

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As we got down to the harbor to board the Scotch Mist I could tell that we were in for an amazing time. The weather was ideal, the day before a winter storm front had come through from the west.

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What if there is no wind on a day we choose to go on a sailing charter. Will we be refunded?

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Over the years our clients have asked us literally thousands of different questions. We have collected the answers to some of them that seem to come up relatively frequently and posted them on this page.

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