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Blog Articles and FAQ's about Parasailing in Hawaii

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Parasailing is one of the most classic vacation activities that we offer and it is safe to say that it is something every Hawaii vacationer should experience at some time in their lives. It doesn't require a huge time commitment and if nothing else you'll get to experience an amazing view that would be hard to experience any other way.

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Parasailing Tour Blog Articles and FAQ's

What is the best time of day to take a parasail flight?

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When do you stop the parasail flights on the Big Island at the beginning of whale season?

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Our Parasail check in point became visible as we were walking on the sands of Kaanapali Beach. The check in location came in the form of a few beach umbrellas with the words "UFO Parasail" printed on them.

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Where can we go jet-skiing and parasailing during whale season? The following question was answered by Gina.

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Why could we go parasailing in Oahu or the Big Island in January but not on Maui? That doesn't seem fair because we have been so looking forward to taking a flight.

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