Bike Tours Down the Volcano on Maui with Maui Downhill

Hawaii's Largest Selection of Activities

The very oldest of the bike tour companies that operate bike tours down from Mount Haleakala is Maui Downhill owned by Rich Goodenough. Rich and his then partner, Bob Kiger, ran the first tours down the mountain in 1983 under the name of a company called Cruiser Bob's. They were the ones who first brought the concept of a downhill bike tour to Maui and set the standard for what was to become an industry to follow. Some years later Rich bought out his partner Bob and reformed the company in the name "Maui Downhill". Since then Maui Downhill has maintained its position as the largest company on the mountain and offers a variety of tour options which include departures for visiting the sunrise and for mid-day tours as well.

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